MS-09H Dowadge

The machine

The is the desert use varant of the Dom. This modified version features 2 60mm head guns and the capability to use the mighty beam bazooka, as well as the traditional shell firing one.

The model

This is the ZZ 1/144th Dowadge model. It lacks poly caps and is a glue affair. Suprisingly it hs some really nice details and is really impresive when completed.

What I did

This model was my first kitbash. My father and I worked on It for a month tryong to introduce polycaps into its structure using plastic piping and sheets. I happy to say I am the only kid on my block with a HG Dowadge. The head has a piece of spur sticking out of it with some shiny red on it for an eye. One of the hands lost a finegr so I stole one from my HG 1/100th Airmaster(never enjoyed that one to much anyway). The skirt armor was remove and is no held on by rubber bands. I'm not saying he can kneel, but he now has much more mobility in the legs and arms. The paint job was taken from Joc's 1/144th ZZ Gundam from the Church of the machine(which he got form an issue of HJ).It seemed to work well with the Dowadge considering its role on the battle field