RX-77-2 Guncannon


This is the RX-77-2 Guncannon from the HGUC line

The machine

The RX-77 was the second federation Mobile Suit( the first being the RRF-06 Zanny). Equipped with twin 240mm cannons and head vulcans this machine was given heavy Luna Titainium armor to balence the recoil from its guns.

The model

Ahh good old Guncannon, always the faithful sidekick. It didn't get quite as much screen time as the Gundam but it still cool just the same. The model version is just well...GREAT! Not only does it retain the old design with better proportions but it can actually do the famed "cow pose". There are some downsides to this guy though, his arm poles just aren't long enough to get a good grip on the shoulder poly cap also the kit has a lack of hand. Oh well the HGUC line started off right with this outstanding kit.

What I did

Replace the shiny red of the plastic with a duller red spray. Needs should and skirt aromor sugery