RGM-79GS GM Command Space Type


This model is from the 0080 line and is a HG kit.

The Machine

The RGM-79GS was a limited production GM fielded around U.C.0080 as a space combat unit. It shares many featues with its brother the RGM-79G but replaces the backpack with one more suited for space combat and also uses the Federations new beam machine gun as its main weapon

The Model

Pretty solid, and well constructed. The proporrtions are right on(go Bandai) and the parts fit is pretty good. If you are like some people out there yes the model is pre-colored and has stickers for the places without colors( you will have to paint the earmuffs and chin HAHA).High praise for the clear green visor and IR sensor part. Posability is good, but the front skirts limit the forward leg movement to about 30 degrees. The kit makes up for this with arm movement. The wrist can actually bend upward! and the arms have all the mobilty they need, meaning you can get some pretty mean poses outta this baby! Waist and head movement are pretty average. The kit comes with 2 unlit beam sabers, 2 lit beam sabers modeled in white(grr) 1 shield, and one 1 beam gun.

What I did

All the white on this kit was replaced with sky blue and the red with dark blue producing one kick ass color scheme. I'm planning to improve the front skirt's range of motion at a later date.