GM Sniper


This is the RGM-79(G) Sniper from the 8th MS Team series.

The machine

The RGM-79(G) Sniper is mearly a converted GM ground type with new sockets for the energy cables and a all khaki-green paint job.

The Model

This is a relly nice kit. Its well proportioned, comes with a lot of accesories, and well.... just really looks nice! The kits mobility is pretty good, but the front skirts(I'm seein a pattern here) limit forward leg motion. The knees compensate for this in way but the kit cant really kneel like on the box art. The weapons are the real reasons to buy this kit come with 100mm machine gun with removible magazine and folding stock, missile launcher with moving handle, a BIG sniper rifle with folding stock and translucent sight(yeah!)Bazooka with removible magazine and 2 beam sabers modeled in clear pink! Buy this thing!

What I did

Cut out some plastic in the lower waist to increase the leg movement. Cut out some plastic in the hand that holds the Bazooka to loosen it up a bit. Painted the whole kit with an airbrush to give it better quality in terms of look. I'm hoping to get the B-Club Upgrade parts( legs with opening beam saber hatches? *weep*)