RX-77-4 Guntank

The machine

The Federation's first attempt at Mobile Suit warfare was merely a enlarged tank body with a toro for a turret. Required two operatrs, one in the FF-X7 core fighter and one acting as a gunner in the Head.

The Model

Bandai's new HGUC line has spawned one of the most unlikely canidates for a model, Guntank! This model has great posibilty, the arms move the guns elevate, the torso twist, the head moves and.......ummm... thats it(Guntank never moved much anyway;)) The treads deserve real mention here, made from polycarbon (ploy cap stuff)They are flexiblle enough to fit around the base both tightly and snugly with little chance of breakage. Buy one If you want to complete the famous Trio.

What I did

Just a simple repaint on this guy. Nothing special for something not so special, However the red and blue sprayed on it came out with a metallic texture. Huh, it really enhances the look even if it was a fluke.