This is the MSM-07 Zugock from the HGUC line

The machine

The Zugock was the most succesful amphibious Zeon mobile suit from the One Year War.Able to easily operate on both land and water with both air intakes and water tank for generator cooling. Armed with Beam Guns in the "palms" and 6 240mm rockets in the "head".

The Model

Ahh the Zugock (or Z'gok) THE classic Zeon amphibious mecha. It looks like something outta a cheesy '70s robot show. I guess that's why we love it. It retains all of its posability from the Anime while retaining the classic look. This is done by using mutiple ball and socket joints in each arm. The material used for these joints is pretty tough and holds up against wear pretty well(though after a while the joints do get a little loose, so use Elmers glue in the joints to improve friction)Conevtional poly-caps are in the main knee, ankle and elbow joints. Colors are accurate, a sticker is given for the eye.

What I did

Painted the model using Testors which gave it a much more realistic look, replaced the black with Testors "Panzer Grey"(a real nice color). No plans to modify the structure except for a moving monoeye.